VIDEO: MiVote presents debates between candidates for Detroit City Council

DETROIT (WXYZ) - With Election Day coming up on November 5, 7 Action News and are taking action for voters in Detroit to help them educate themselves about the candidates who are running for city council.

This will be a historic election in the city, with residents voting for council by district for the first time in generations. Candidates are running in 7 districts, with two more members being elected on an at-large basis.

We're joining with to bring you debates between the candidates. Their are eight debates in all. You can watch them in the video player below. They begin with District 1.


Here are a list of candidates, joined together by the districts that they're running in:

District 1

  • Wanda Hill
  • James Tate

District 2

  • Richard Bowers Jr.
  • George Cushinberry Jr.

District 3

  • Francine Adams
  • Scott Benson

District 4

  • Bettie Cook-Scott
  • Andre Spivey

District 5

  • Adam Hollier
  • Mary Sheffield

District 6

  • Racquel Castaneda-Lopez
  • Isaac Robinson

District 7

  • John Bennett
  • Gabe Leland

At Large

  • Saunteel Jenkins
  • Roy McCalister Jr.
  • Brenda Jones
  • David Bullock


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