Pontiac emergency manager restores salary to city council

(WXYZ) - The Pontiac Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel announced Wednesday that he is restoring the salary of the city council.

"I decided to compensate the elected officials in anticipation of my departure and the return to local control this summer", Mr. Schimmel said in a news release. "I also wanted to insure that compensation levels were reasonable and encouraged the council members to attend subcommittee meetings and share the information learned at the meetings with the council as a whole and with the public."

Pontiac City Council members will receive $100 per regular meeting attended with a limit of $5,200 per year. 

In 2011, the former Pontiac emergency manager eliminated the salary of the mayor and city council members.

According to previous reports, current Pontiac EM Lou Schimmel restored the mayor's salary in September of 2011 and increased his pay to $100,000 per year this spring. 


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