Pope Francis and the Vatican's influence on social media

(WXYZ) - With social media, a pope can connect with millions around the world in an instant.

Pope Francis' twitter account @Pontifex has close to 2 million followers. 

His account actually belonged to the former Pope Benedict XVI, but the Vatican cleared out his tweets after his resignation.  

And when Pope Francis was elected, the Vatican wasted no time letting the masses know using that twitter account.
The first tweet: HABEMUS PAPAM FRANCISCUM. It's Latin for "We have Pope Francis."

After that, social media exploded with trending hashtags surrounding His Holiness. One of the more popular ones: #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope.

Whether the pope will embrace social media is still a mystery, but If you want to follow the latest news about His Holiness--there's actually an app for that.

Simply called The Pope App, this app will let you watch all of his official speeches, check out pictures and even give you a sneak peek at his calendar.


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