POS REP app helps to prevent veterans from feeling isolated when they return to civilian life

(WXYZ) - A new app is helping to bring the military veteran community together.

The veteran social network app is called POS REP—it's short for Position Report—and it works to connect veterans who served together and also help them find resources in their community.

POS REP was created by a group of veterans and veteran advocates who wanted to prevent those who served from feeling isolated when they returned to civilian life.

One of the creators of the app tells 7 Action News that it was inspired by Sergeant Clay Hunt, a United States marine who became a national advocate for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Despite his efforts to help others overcome the emotional wounds of war, Clay ended up taking his own life in 2011.

At the memorial service, Clay's friend, who is also one of the co-founders of the app, discovered that several marines were living nearby at the time Clay took his own life.

The free app was created to help prevent similar tragedies. 

The app lets veterans maintain communications with their fire team or department after leaving the service. It also lets them "pop a flare" and see where other veterans are located. The app also shows where vet resources are nearby.

POS REP is available for iOS devices with an Android app in the works. The app is still in its beta version, but the creators are encouraging people to use the app and give them feedback. 

Check out the app here:  http://pos-rep.com/

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