Potential twins separated at birth reconnect on the internet

(WXYZ) - Separated at birth only to be reunited in a serendipitous way?

It sounds like something out of a movie, but for two women born in South Korea--it may be a reality.

Two women, both born in South Korea on the same day in the same year and adopted by two different families found each other by chance online.

And they think they might be twins.

According to the pair's fundraising webpage, Anais was raised in Paris, Samantha was raised in New Jersey.

Both, now 25, pursued their love of arts. Anais studied fashion design and Samantha pursued acting. 

They found out about each other when Anais' friend spotted Samantha in a YouTube video and saw an uncanny resemblance.

Samantha and Anais started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to film a documentary about their story and pay for a DNA test to find out if their hunch is true.

In Anais' first message to Samantha posted on the site--she explained their crazy coincidence, casually ending the message with "don't freak out."

In their kickstarter video, where the pair explains their story, Samantha says when she first say Anais' picture it was "like looking at myself, except it wasn't me."

Their story spread and their $30,000 fundraising goal was shattered.

Their public relations representative emailed me back Friday and said the next step for the girls is to meet and then begin on a documentary of their journey.

To check out their Kickstarter campaign, click here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746892989/twinsters?ref=live

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