Proposed rules would limit how man days per year poker rooms can operate

(WXYZ) - Charity poker in Michigan is big business. According to Michigan Gaming Control Board Director Rick Kalm it generated more than $530 million in action during the last three years. 

State officials call it a "racket" that they can no longer control with fraud and other crime. 

However, hundreds of local charities benefit from the games and have formed The Michigan Charitable Gaming Association to fight proposed cuts by the state. 

Right now poker rooms can operate all year. The proposed rules would limit poker rooms to only 120 days a year. 

Are big casinos behind the new rules? Or something else? 

Michigan State Representative Jeff Farrington has proposed legislation that is designed to satisfy both sides, but it is being challenged. 

By whom? 

The largest poker room in Michigan was Snookers until it was shut down last winter.  

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