Police raid home of Romulus Mayor Alan Lambert

ROMULUS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Michigan State Police executed a search warrant Monday night at the home of Romulus Mayor Alan Lambert in the 36000 block of Mario Ann Court.

In a news release from MSP,  officers say the raid is in connection with an on-going public corruption investigation involving officials from the City of Romulus.

An MSP car could be seen in the driveway in addition to three unmarked cars on the street overnight. Police spent about 12 hours at the home collecting evidence.

Officers say numerous items were seized from the home and they are currently being processed. Sources tell 7 Action News they expect it to take about a month to go through it all and put together a warrant request. Mayor Lambert was interviewed at his home and then released.

"Things happen, we're human, there's this thing called sin—we all have it, again just pray for the family. Romulus is a great place, there are great people here," said Romulus City Treasurer Stacey Paige.

At this time, police are not telling 7 Action News what the public corruption investigation involves.

However, officers say this raid is not connected to the upcoming trial of several members of the Romulus Police Department.

In 2011, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy announced charges in a corruption probe of several Romulus Police Department officers.

In an exclusive 2011 WXYZ-TV  interview with Mayor Lambert, months before the officers were charged, he said the Michigan State Police were upsetting Romulus city employees for no reason, questioning them and pressuring them for answers.

Former police chief Michael St. Andre, his wife Sandy St. Andre, and five officers were then charged in September of 2011. They are accused of misconduct that allegedly took place while the six men were members of the department's special investigations unit.

The mayor and his family could not be reached for comment.

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