Reaction to the Senate vote on the gun law from both sides

METRO DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - "I think the Senate did the right thing" says Lawyer Terry Johnson, a firearms owner who's an expert on the legal use of firearms. "We don't need another feel good law," he says.

But Melissa Vilneff whose dad was shot and killed last August says we need more background checks and the Senate vote is not fair to the victims and their families.

The law would have expanded background checks for gun buyers at gun shows and through the internet, but those who support the Senate vote say the bad guys would get guns anyway and anywhere and more  laws would not change that.

Currently, if you buy a gun at a gun store, there is an extensive background check. If you buy at a show, you might have to fill out a form, but there is no way to verify the truth on the form.

The president did all he could to sway the votes on this, he even brought some of the parents who lost children at the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting--hoping their stories and heartbreak would change minds.

Clearly and for some, sadly, it wasn't enough to get the law passed.

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