Recall: baby bath seat may drown infants

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Baby bath seats present a new concern for parents. The BebeLove baby bath seats and Buy Buy Baby bath seats are being recalled because they have the potential to tip over and drown infants.

The baby bath seats do not meet federal safety standards for stability.

For those who own a baby bath seat, it is illegal to resale a product that is recalled. So customers are urged to return the product to the company for store credit.

Customers can contact the BeBelove company at its toll free number (888) 464-1218 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Pacific Standard Time, Monday – Friday. In addition, customers can visit the website

The Buy Buy Baby bath seats that are being recalled is called Idea baby bath seat.  In order to return this seat or for more information on this brand visit www.buybuybabycom

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