Record number of deals for Black Friday? Check out some of the predicted bargains

(WXYZ) - If shopping on Black Friday is your thing, you may be able to get a record number of deals this year.

Stores are expected to offer 50,000 advertised specials in their ads.

That's 5,000 more than last year, according to deals website "Fat Wallet."

You can expect the normal store-wide 30 to 60 percent off clothes, shoes and toys at most stores.

We're giving you a sneak peek at the big deals that might be worth getting up early for on Black Friday.

Fat Wallet predicts electronics are the way to go. You've likely heard this before.

With all the new models coming out this year, there will be deals on last year's models.
For TV's, HDTV prices have been going down since February.

You can likely score a 50-inch 4KTV for less than $300 bucks.

With laptops, you can expect door-buster deals for less than $100 dollars.

"Fat Wallet" predicts you can also find a Macbook Pro for less than $700.

You should also be able to get good deals on tablets, which are big on holiday lists this year.

The predictions are for $100 dollars off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and the iPad air and iPad mini.



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