65-year-old grandfather jumped and robbed in home invasion

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A 65-year-old grandfather is recovering from injuries he received when he was attacked right outside of his house.

It happened at around 10:00 a.m. Wednesday at a home on Detroit's southwest side in the neighborhood where the victim grew up.

The suspects were arrested and driven away by police thanks to 911 calls made by a vigilant neighbor.

The victim, who did not want his identity known, spoke exclusively to 7 Action News about the terrifying incident.

At the time of the attack, he was adjusting a lock on his gate.

"I got to the back gate. They came up from behind me with a gun to my head," said the victim.

The 65-year-old told 7 Action News he did not recognize the men.

The victim tried to run away. He says one men slid and fell on ice while he tried to escape. However, one of his attackers caught up to him and began pistol whipping him.

"He kicked me, beat me, and put my coat over my head so I couldn't see anything," said he victim.

A woman who was too terrified to be identified lives in the same neighborhood as the crime scene. She said she heard a gunshot around the same time.

She told 7 Action News she called 911.

"Just frightened...just scared to death. Not only did I see him beat up, I saw him trying to run away," said the unidentified neighbor. "The assailants in broad daylight grabbed him, dragged him back in the house."

"They were starting to ransack the house," said the victim. "Get everything out of the house. I thought for sure they were going to shoot me, but they didn't."

According to police, the men stole items, then they escaped. Within a short amount of time, police had arrived.

 "Somebody called them. They had a lookout person. There was a cop car three houses away," said the victim.

 It is not clear if the stolen items were recovered.

Two men were arrested for the assault and robbery.  Their names are not being released right now. 

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