A Detroit woman with a home surveillance system catches thieves in the act

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - A Detroit woman with a surveillance system caught two thieves breaking into her home and now with her home locked up tight, she wants them caught and convicted.

It happened back in October, but police are just releasing surveillance photos. The homeowner, Bernitta Rogers, says she is hoping this leads to the arrest of the home invaders.

She says even with her alarm blaring, one man waited outside as a look-out person and the other came in a window, went to her bedroom, stole all of her diamonds and then dove out of the same window.

Bernitta says it's terrible not to feel safe, but she says she has a gun and a permit-- and knows how to use it. 

She says no one is going to force her to move from a house she has lived in for nearly 30 years and paid off.

Bernitta is upset and wants them caught and is hoping the surveillance pictures help.

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