Aiyana's mother testifies about sitting on "bloody couch", not being told her 7 y.o. had been shot

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "I can't do this," said Dominika Stanley, not long after she began testifying Monday about the moments surrounding the shooting death of her seven-year-old daughter, Aiyana Jones.

Stanley testified about a loud noise waking her up, then hearing Aiyana's grandmother screaming "They killed Aiyana."

Detroit Police Officer Joseph Weekley is charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Careless Discharge of a Firearm Causing Injury or Death.

In his opening statement, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Moran told the jury that, as a member of the Detroit Police Department's Special Response Team (SRT), Weekley was specially trained to use "trigger discipline" with his MP5 submachine gun.

But Moran said Weekley made an error after the stun grenade was deployed - by suddenly stopping in the doorway.

That's the "fatal funnel" Moran told jurors. "You never do that."

Steven Fishman, Weekley's defense attorney, told the jury that the fatal shooting of Aiyana was an accident caused by the child's grandmother hitting Weekley's gun when he was entering the house.

Also on the stand Monday, was Detroit Police Sgt. Brian Bowser who testified that the target of the raid on May 16, 2010, was Chauncey Owens. Owens was suspected in the murder of 17-year-old Jerean Blake just two days earlier.

Later this month, Owens and Aiyana's father, Charles Jones, are expected to appear in court for a pre-trial hearing. Both are charged in Blake's murder.

Owens is accused of killing Blake after he and the teenager exchanged words and dirty looks outside a party store on the city's east side.

Investigators say Jones gave Owens the gun and was in the vehicle with Owens at the time of the murder.

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