Animals slaughtered at urban farm in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - UPDATE: After original reports from authorities suggesting hat several animals were slaughtered at an urban farm in Detroit, the Michigan Humane Society now says it appears the animals were killed by dogs.


"This is the most heinous, malicious act I've ever witnessed," said Asenath Andreas, Principal of the Catherine Ferguson Academy where over a dozen of the school's farm animals were found slaughtered Friday morning.

The attack on some of the animals is described as a bludgeoning. Some had their throats cut.

The animals were killed sometime overnight and found Friday morning by a volunteer who showed up to take care of them. It was a day off for the students.

Five goats were killed. One barn cat was killed and another was found alive but suffering serious injury and could not be found when Michigan Humane Society Cruelty Investigators arrived.

At first, school officials believed twenty chickens had been killed, but the number was later reduced to eight dead. One chicken that survived the attack was taken by the MHS for treatment. Another that appeared to be unharmed was also taken by investigators.

Students from the Catherine Ferguson Academy help take care of the farm which is adjacent to the charter school for pregnant girls and teen mothers.

School officials tell 7 Action News that counselors will be made available to the students and their young children on Monday.

On Thursday, a number of people were marching around the school building and its farm, protesting the charter school's curriculum. One participant described the protest as "bold" and "energetic" but they did not have any knowledge of the killings. And there has not been any connection between the protest and the overnight attack on the animals.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Michigan Humane Society cruelty tip line at (313)872-3401 or Detroit Police Central District at (313)596-1300.


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