As the ban on women in combat is lifted, military women and familes speak out

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - As the ban on women fighting on the front line is lifted, local military women and families speak out-- saying women should be able to fight alongside men.

"There are many women trained and ready to go to the front lines, into combat," says Marine First Sgt. Tina Dexter from Camp Pendleton where she is stationed right now. Her parents say they believe women should be able to be on the front lines.

One former Air Force flight nurse says she believes women should be able to fight alongside men as long as they are properly trained and understand the mission.

Annette Walker who now works at the VA Hospital says that while there might be some backlash or concern on the part of the men who will be fighting next to women, the men will have to work through it and trust the women in their units.

Up until now, women have been a strong part of the military and have been close to combat, but have not been on the front line. This comes based on a recommendation by the Joint Chiefs of Staff-- some are calling this a groundbreaking change.

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