Board to consider Governor Snyder's nomination of Kevyn Orr as Detroit emergency financial manager

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Local Financial Emergency Assistance Board is meeting to review Governor Snyder's nomination of attorney Kevyn Orr as Detroit's emergency financial manager.

The expectation is that they will formalize the appointment of Orr. He will meet with and answer questions from the board via video conference.

The Loan Board is made up of Steve Arwood, Director of Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, State Treasurer Andy Dillon and State Budget Director John Nixon.

Following the board's questions of Orr and public comment they will take a vote.

Meanwhile, Activist Robert Davis' attempt to get an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order was denied by a judge according to his attorney.

Davis claimed the meeting violated the Open Meetings Act because the public wasn't notified early enough.


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