Bobby Ferguson's retrial on bid rigging charges delayed indefinitely

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Bobby Ferguson's retrial on bid rigging allegations was supposed to start on May 21st. 

But now the judge has cancelled that trial date - likely because Ferguson does not have a lawyer yet.

Yesterday, Judge David Lawson questioned Ferguson about his efforts to find a new attorney after his long-time lawyer, Gerald Evelyn, had to withdraw from the case for health reasons.

Ferguson told the court he's having a hard time hiring a new lawyer because the feds have seized his assets and he doesn't have much access to a phone in the federal correctional facility where he's being held until he's sentenced in the Kilpatrick racketeering case.

Judge Lawson wanted to know if Ferguson needs to have the court appoint him a lawyer, but Ferguson expressed concern about filling out a sworn affidavit about his assets without an attorney to consult with him.

So today, Judge Lawson signed an order appointing a federal defender to advise Ferguson on whether or not he should fill out the form.

To be clear, Ferguson is not asking for a court appointed attorney at this time and it's not clear if he will actually fill out the affidavit.

As for the trial -- no new date has been set.

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