Booty Lounge Bus strip club returns two years after being banned from Eastern Market

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police booted the Booty Lounge Bus out of Eastern Market a couple of years ago, but the strip club on wheels rolled back into the Motor City Sunday.

For some Lions fans, the Booty Lounge Bus was a part of the tailgating experience. 

"It was entertainment for everybody around here, it was great." said one fan who didn't want us to use his name.

In 2011, the City of Detroit put the brakes on the mobile strip club, citing illegal parking and for not having the proper inspection. The bus was banned from Eastern Market. 

Now, it's back - strip pole and all.

According to Johnny Vega, a consultant for the Booty Bus Lounge, "Nothing illegal is going on. It's all good fun, like Girls Gone Wild." 

The owners say they don't sell alcohol and the dancers wear bathing suits. The bus has also moved. Sunday it was parked on private property, near the Eastern Market. 

Owner Joe Parsons is vowing not to be chased away again. 

"We are here supporting the Lions football team. We've been doing it for years," said Parsons.  "Are we going to be back? Absolutely we are going to be back."

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