CAPTURED: Escaped prisoner who stabbed Wayne County deputy in police custody

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Police tell 7 Action News that the escaped prisoner who is accused of stabbing a Wayne County deputy at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice has been captured. 

Abraham Pearson was walking along the service drive of I-94 and Mt. Elliot-- trying to get a ride out of town-- when he was spotted by police late Monday.

A citizen who saw him walking called the tip in to 9-1-1. Police believe Pearson was trying to hitchhike down to Florida. When Detroit Police arrested Pearson, he was wearing a black tank top and casual pants. 

Pearson is facing 10 felony counts including Assault with Intent to Murder and Escape from Jail through Violence. 

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department also has a woman in custody connected to Pearson. 

Police originally named the suspect as Derreck White. However, they have since said that the White name is an alias for Abraham Pearson.

Pearson's other aliases include the street names D.C. and Weezy. 

State of Michigan records show that Pearson is on parole for Breaking and Entering and Assault.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says Pearson also had an extensive criminal history, including several home invasions.

Sheriff's department records show a Derreck White has been locked up in the Wayne County Jail on $250,000 bond since September 2012.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon says the suspect stabbed the deputy several times in the neck with a sharpened comb that had been turned into a weapon.

The deputy, who has been identified as 63-year-old Harrison Tolliver, did not suffer life threatening injuries. He was treated at Detroit Receiving Hospital, but has been released. Tolliver is a retired Detroit Police officer who joined the sheriff's office in December.

Public records show that Pearson, under the White alias, was being transferred from the jail to Frank Murphy for sentencing on a number of felony charges, including carjacking and armed robbery.

Napoleon says Pearson originally took part of Deputy Tolliver's uniform and used it to escape. Officials say he also took his cell phone and radio.

Napoleon says Pearson was being placed into a cell with two other inmates at the time of his escape. Deputy Tolliver was not armed during the prisoner transfer.

The suspect reportedly carjacked a 2000 grey Dodge Voyager minivan with plate BWZ 3916.  The van has since been recovered in a vacant lot on Concord, south of E. Lafayette.


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