Broken water pipe causes road issues in Detroit neighborhood

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Residents in one Detroit neighborhood are getting some help tonight from city hall after an assist from 7 Action News.

 Artisian Street on Detroit's west side turned into a nasty sheet of ice following a water pipe break at a vacant house last week.  

The water froze leaving the road difficult to navigate for cars and trucks.  

One neighbor, Jarrett Henderson tried breaking up the ice with a shovel but it was too thick to break.
She  is disabled and has struggled to make it to her truck, which is taking a beating too.  

"We have these big ole trenches the whole bottom of my truck is hitting the ice," said Jonita Tomlin.  "So your car is getting damaged."

Tomlin along with several neighbors called the city for help melting the ice and making the road driveable again.  

 No help came until 7 Action News contacted Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan's office earlier Thursday afternoon.

 It took less than an hour a salt truck arrived and began spreading salt on Artisian.  

The driver was interrupted when a mini van  became stuck in one of the deep ice ruts that developed in the road.

Eventually the driver was able to back down the road and take another route.  

A city spokesperson says that the Department of Public Works will first try and make the road passable again with a heavy dose of ice.  

If that doesn't work, equipment will be brought out to break up the ice.

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