Carlita Kilpatrick finishes deposition in Tamara Greene case

FORT WORTH, Texas (WXYZ) - After almost seven hours behind cloed doors Carlita Kilpatrick's deposition is over.  The former first lady walked out of her attorney's office without comment at about 6:30 p.m. est. 

Lawyers on both sides say they cannot comment because the deposition is sealed.  The attorney for Carlita Kilpatrick did say the deposition was closure her. 

Norm Yatooma, the lawyer for murdered exotic dancer Tamara Greene, says the questioning was productive and looks forward to trial.

4:30 pm (est)

It's late afternoon and the deposition is still going.  Attorney Norm Yatooma came outside just a short time ago to make some phone calls on his cell.  We asked how the deposition was proceeding - he indicated it may take hours or even stop today and resume tomorrow.

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12:15 p.m. (est)

Carlita Kilpatrick, attorney Norm Yatooma and other members of the Kilpatrick legal team have arrived for a deposition scheduled to last several hours.  Yatooma is the attorney for Tamara Greene's family.  Greene was killed in 2003.  Yatooma alleges the young woman was shot and killed after dancing at the never-proved Manoogian Mansion Party in late 2002.  Yatooma says then-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick obstructed the investigation.

Bernard Kilpatrick was supposed to be deposed today as well.  He is a no show.  It's not clear why he is not coming.  Yatooma says he will try to hold him in contempt of court.

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11:50 a.m. (est)

Carlita Kilpatrick arrives at lawyer's office to give deposition.

11 a.m. (est)

Just spoke with Bobbie Edmonds - the attorney for Bernard and Carlita Kilpatrick. I asked why Bernard will be a no-show for today's deposition and she said she could not comment.  Carlita Kilpatrick is still scheduled to be here in Fort Worth at noon Detroit time.  She has not yet arrived.

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10 a.m. (est)

We've arrived at the Kilpatricks' lawyer's office in Fort Worth Texas.  It's a small store front space -- a modest setting to be certain.  The attorney's name is Bobbie Edmonds.  We interviewed her Wednesday.  She said then that she was not sure what questions Carlita and Bernard Kilpatrick would answer.  Of course the big development last night was that Norm Yatooma, who is leading this lawsuit, said that Bernard Kilpatrick (Kwame Kilpatrick's father) will not be at the deposition.  That means he could be held in contempt (more info on background is below.

We'll have a ton of other updates as we wait for Detroit's former first lady to arrive. And pics when she gets here...

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The former first lady of Detroit will be under oath in Texas Thursday as she answers questions about the death of Tamara Greene, but her father-in-law, Bernard Kilpatrick, has apparently opted not to attend his scheduled deposition.

Attorney Norman Yatooma says he will ask the court to hold the elder Kilpatrick in contempt.  Yatooma believes Bernard Kilpatrick is still in Michigan.

The Birmingham based attorney has wanted to question Carlita Kilpatrick about the case for months. Thursday's deposition comes after a judge ruled both Carlita and Bernard Kilpatrick must testify. Carlita Kilpatrick has argued that the deposition would violate privilege and could hurt her husband's criminal case.

Carlita Kilpatrick has been at the center of the controversy surrounding Tamara Greene ever since it was alleged that she assaulted the exotic dancer at a long rumored wild party at the Manoogian Mansion. However, it has never been proven that the party actually happened.

Greene was murdered months after the party is said to have taken place and her killers have never been brought to justice.

Yatooma is suing both the Kilpatrick family and the city of Detroit, alleging that they intentionally botched the murder investigation to help cover up the party at the Manoogian. However, an investigation by Attorney General Mike Cox determined that the party was an "urban legend."

That conclusion has since been brought into question amid allegations that Cox was at the rumored party. However, no concrete proof has ever been offered that that party actually happened and it still remains a rumor.

Action News reporter Tom Wait is in Fort Worth covering Carlita Kilpatrick's deposition. He will have complete coverage on Action News and Thursday.