Cars trapped in major Detroit flooding on city's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Trumbull street has been turned into a virtual lake. Actually a river might be a better analogy because water continued to flow from beneath the surface as a result of what appeared to be a water main break.

"I stopped and the car behind us did not," said Janice Hazzard.

The resulting crash caused extensive damage to the rear end of her  red Ford Focus.

The Mercury Mountaineer that hit her sustained quite a bit of damage as well. Janice says it was quite the surprise at six something in the morning, but not as surprising as what happened next.

"She got out of the car and asked if we were OK and  then got back in her car and took off," Hazzard says.

Janice says the driver of the Mountaineer left without providing a single shred of information, at least not knowingly.

"As she was turning I told my girlfriend, write that license plate down, because I had a funny feeling, " said Scott Ford who sat in the passenger seat of the Focus.

The license plate number and the Henry Ford Hospital employee badge are the only information they have to provide police after the early morning hit and run that came about as a result of the flooding that restricted the flow of  traffic.

Three cars were stranded in what looks like a lake beneath the railroad tracks between Holden St. and Elijah McCoy Dr. Two cars were all but completely covered by the water. A third vehicle, a mini van sat with water up to the bottom of the windows.

Detroit Department of Water and Sewerage crews cut off the water just after 9 o'clock and were unable to comment or speculate as to the cause of the break. They also had no estimate as to when Trumbull St. would  re-opened, but judging by the amount of water that fills the dip in the road, it will take as long as a day.

One shred of good news to come from the flooding and resulting accident; no one appears to have been injured.

In the meantime the driver of the Mercury is still at large.

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