Charles Pugh could soon face removal from Detroit City Council

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Charles Pugh is facing another problem stemming from allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a teen.

There is now talk he could be kicked off Detroit City Council.

The development comes as Madison Heights Police are confirming that a police report has been filed and an investigation is under way into the matter.

While no details have been released, sources are telling 7 Action News that the allegations were vague and that Pugh touched the 18-year-old on the leg while on a shopping trip.

Pugh has been a no show at council for the last few weeks - since right before news of the allegations made by the mother of the teen broke.

It is not even known if he is currently in the Detroit area, as a 7 Action News viewer sent us a photo of Pugh, saying she encountered him in a Seattle coffee shop last week.

Pugh has requested a medical leave from council. However, Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr denied the leave and stripped Pugh of his pay and power as President of the City Council. 

However, Orr could not kick Pugh off the council, because it is an elected position. That does not mean Pugh could not be removed from council by the other members. It is possible that they could vote to expel him. 

It is important to note that any removal would be because Pugh is not attending to his duties as a councilman, and not because of the allegations he is facing.

Any move to remove Pugh would take a recommendation from a city hall ethics committee and then a hearing by the remaining members of the Detroit City Council. They would then vote on whether or not to remove Pugh.

The next scheduled Detroit City Council meeting is Tuesday. It is not known if Pugh's status will be discussed at that meeting.

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