Cincinnati's top cop reportedly top choice to take over Detroit Police Department

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Over the past few years, it's been a revolving door at Detroit Police headquarters.

Chester Logan is the latest police chief to step down, recently announcing his retirement.

Five people are being considered for Detroit Police Chief -including candidates from inside the department.

But we're learning the top choice is the top cop in the Queen City - and he could be coming to the Motor City soon.

Chester Logan has only been Detroit's police chief for a few months, but he's ready to give the job up for a quieter life.

"I'm in my 41st year so it time for me to move on," he said last week.

When Logan moves on sources are confirming the guy city leaders want to replace him is James Craig - the current chief of police in Cincinnati.

Insiders are telling me, Mayor Dave Bing, City Council members and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr are all in agreement that Craig is the one to lead Detroit's police department.

Craig started his career with DPD and has family in the motor city.

A formal offer is expected to be extended to him in the next week or two.

Reverend Jerome Warfield sits on the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners and was involved in the interviewing process. 

"Those who are true cops, those who true law enforcement professionals will see detroit as a major opportunity," he says of the top cop job.

But it's a major opportunity, with big challenges.

Morale within the department is at an all-time low. Officers are pulling 12 hour shifts in a city with more than its fair share of violent crime.

A new police chief will give the department some much need stability.

"I think it will eliminate the uncertainty," Warfield says. "I've been on the board four years, this will be my fourth chief serving with, so we want the revolving door to stop."

Mayor Bing still needs to make a recommendation to City Council, but it will be the EM who makes the final decision.

We've learned Bing and Orr are scheduled to meet Monday, but it's uncertain if they talk about the chief position.

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