City Council votes in favor of hearing to challenge possible state takeover of Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit City Council has voted in favor of a resolution to challenge a possible state takeover of the city.

Council members voted 7-1 to send a letter informing state officials that council would appear at a hearing next Tuesday in Lansing to challenge the possible appointment of an emergency financial manager.

Council member Gary Brown was the only member to vote against the resolution.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said Wednesday that he would not support the council's efforts to fight the appointment of an emergency financial manager. "Whether we like it or not, an emergency financial manager is coming to Detroit," the mayor said.

Earlier Wednesday, Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh and acting City Attorney Edward Keelean told City Council members that they spoke on the phone with Michigan State Treasurer Andy Dillon and Treasury official Fred Headen about the tentative hearing. 

They were told the state would have 20 minutes to present its case. The state will argue that a financial emergency exists in Detroit and city officials have no viable plan to fix it. 

Detroit would then have 20 minutes to present its case and each side would have 10 minutes for rebuttal. 

The hearing would last no longer than one hour. 


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