Controversial All Star Gentlemen's Club fighting to reopen after being padlocked three years ago

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Owners of a controversial strip club that was padlocked after police say they hired a young teenage girl to strip, is fighting to re-open again.

The city has already told them no. Now the strip club owners are appealing in Circuit Court.

But the strip club has more than just the city to conquer.

"Clubs like this are not acceptable in our neighborhoods," says Marcus Cummings of the 7/8 Lodge Association.

He's talking about the All Star Gentlemen's Club—a strip joint that was padlocked a couple of years ago after a string of crimes that, according to Detroit police, included multiple shooting and murders. But the crime most people may remember is when cops busted them for hiring a stripper who was just fourteen-years-old.

Now the company wants to open back up for business.

"This establishment, the owners, are not interested in the moral value of community. Dollar signs is their motto," says Winfred Blackmon of the 7/8 Lodge Association.

A number of community groups have joined the city in the fight to keep All Stars from re-opening.

Next week the battle will end up in the courtroom, with attorneys for the strip club claiming the corporation is under new ownership.

The city argues that just because they sold all of their stock to someone new—doesn't wash away their legal roadblocks

"You see a lot of facades being renovated and we can't have folks perpetuating the poor image 8 Mile used to have - trying to improve image and when we have people with fourteen year old girls performing in their establishments we just cannot have that," says Tami Salisbury of the 8 Mile Boulevard Association.

"Behind this bar there isn't any commercial buildings. We're not talking about plants. We're talking about homes, park, schools. Our kids don't deserve to walk down the street and have to find a condom on the road," says State Senator for the 4th District Virgil Smith.

A packed courtroom is expected on August 1.

7 Action News has been trying all day to talk to attorneys for the strip club. They have yet to respond to any of our messages.

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