Detroiters look to the future after a day of changes

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - "If the right people get in, I think they can make it better," says Mitchell Welch who lives in a beautiful neighborhood near the University of Detroit. "We would like it back the way it used to be.".

He is talking about future city leaders after Mayor Bing announced he would not seek another term, some city council members called it quits and the new police chief was selected.

On the eastside, in a neighborhood  blanketed with blight, rapper ScoonMaker says he believes the city leaders need to take down the abandoned buildings or build them up and encourage people to move back to the city.

On the west side, Tenashia Gulley, a mom of two says "put more police on the street so our kids can be safe," and she adds she has hope as a native Detroiter the city can come back.

Other people who live in Detroit and business people who have stores in Detroit say they desperately are hoping  Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and city leaders make the right changes and decisions so Detroit can be on a path to financial recovery and stability.

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