Detroit board approves furlough days for hundreds of city employees to cut costs

DETROIT (AP) - Detroit's Financial Advisory Board has voted for furlough days on about 600 unionized city employees as officials work to avert a possible state financial oversight.

The Detroit News reports the furloughs approved Monday are in addition to those for about 650 non-union employees. City officials say the 26 furlough days will consist of one unpaid off-day during a two-week pay period and are scheduled to begin Feb. 25.

Union officials say they plan to fight the move.

A long-awaited review of Detroit's finances is due Feb. 19. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder is to look it over and decide whether Detroit gets an emergency manager. Detroit is billions of dollars in debt and has a budget deficit topping $300 million. The Detroit Free Press cost-cutting measures, however, are showing short-term progress.

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