Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry putting friends on city hall payroll

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Before George Cushingberry, Jr., was sworn into office--plans were already in the works to add some of his closest friends to city hall's payroll.

7 Action News has obtained documents from the City of Detroit dated December 11th, 2013. 

More than two weeks before the newly elected president pro tem official began his term on city council, he had obtained approval to hire several staff members. Among them, Richard Clement. 

Clement is a medical marijuana advocate and user. He was with Cushingberry when he was pulled over for a traffic violation by Detroit police. 

That traffic stop has sparked an internal investigation by the Detroit Police Department. According to the document, Clement is working 14 hours a week at $50.00/hours. 

Also on the payroll is Cleo Wiley. 

7 Action News has uncovered, it's not the first time she's worked for the politician. Wiley's cousin-in-law, Roxanne Hudson says while working for Cushingberry in Lansing, Wiley was also dating him. 

Documents show Cushingberry has hired Wiley to be part of his staff at city hall. It's a part-time position, 20 hours a week at $14.00/hour.

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