Detroit City Council working with staff on challenge to possible state takeover and EFM

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit City Council members are working with their staff on a challenge to the possible state takeover. 

It is not known if Detroit Mayor Dave Bing will team up with council in a united front.

The mayor issued a short statement in response to inquiries regarding what type of action, if any, he would take.

"I have been meeting with various members of City Council since the Governor's announcement last Friday.  I continue to weigh all available options related to a possible appeal of the Governor's financial emergency declaration," said the mayor.

If they request a hearing with the state, it would be held on March 12 in Lansing. City officials must show that the state financial review team was wrong when it concluded that Detroit has a long term debt of $14 billion and no viable plan to fix it. 

Council members were told by staff they can make a case that a revised consent agreement can prevent a takeover. 

They will discuss that option and even a possible legal challenge in court during a council meeting Wednesday morning. 

Robert Davis who sued during the state takeover of the Highland Park Schools gave the city council a 21-page legal memorandum to assist in the challenge. Also, the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network is planning a protest at the U.S. Attorney's office on Thursday. 

A planning session is set for city hall Wednesday afternoon. 

Pastor Charles Williams of the Network says they want federal attorneys to stop the takeover because it violates home rule and voters' rights. This is an election year for the Detroit City Council and Mayor.

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