Detroit contractors talk about city bankruptcy

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Those behind Detroit Power Systems decided to make Detroit the home for their business five years ago.

Back then, the electrical contractors saw a lot of promise and still do.

The company's director of field operations Scott Humes told 7 Action News even in bankruptcy, they will continue to do work for the city.

"Obviously getting paid is a concern for anybody in business but especially us as a small business but up until this point we haven't had any issues," said Humes.

Atlas Plumbing Supply Company has been family owned and ran in Detroit for three generations.  The company started 78 years ago.

The company based on Gratiot stopped doing contractual work for the city five years ago over money.

"It's too difficult to collect," said owner Marc Wolf.  "The process through the city administration is too difficult.  When we had problems years ago we decided it wasn't in our best interest to do business with the city.

There are a lot of things that are not clear right now to some small businesses owners in Detroit.

Some wonder whether bankruptcy will affect if they get paid for city contracted work.  A few told 7 Action News they believe they still will receive money for work they do.

Others will be waiting to see what the bankruptcy move means.

"We look forward to putting the problems in the city behind us and getting things in place to move the city forward to where it can go,"  said Wolf.

Those in charge  Atlas Plumbing Supply Company and Detroit Power Systems said as wait and see what happens next, they both plan on staying  in the city and are dedicated to doing business in Detroit. 

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