Detroit City Council selects Saunteel Jenkins as president, Andre Spivey as Pro Tem

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit City Council has voted on a new president to replace Charles Pugh, selecting Saunteel Jenkins as the new President.

The body also picked picked Andre Spivey as the new President Pro-Tem.

Also at today's meeting, council member Ken Cockrel, Jr. said he may not remain with council through the end of his term. He revealed no firm details, only saying he might not serve out until the next council is sworn in.

Meanwhile, Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has issued an order telling Council not to appoint replacement members to fill any vacancies.

Orr's order says those vacancies should instead by filled as part of the normal November 2013 election process.

At this point there are two vacancies on Detroit City Council. Those were created by the resignations of Kwame Kenyatta and Gary Brown. 

Kenyatta left City Council for medical reasons. Brown left to join Orr's staff.

A third vacancy could be created by the possible resignation of former council president Charles Pugh. While Pugh is still a member of City Council, he has been stripped of his power and pay by Orr.


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