Detroit EM Kevyn Orr under fire for 'dumb, lazy, happy and rich' comments in Wall Street Journal

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has offended Detroit with comments he gave to the Wall Street Journal talking about the Bankruptcy case. 

Orr is quoted as saying, "for a long time, the city was dumb, lazy, happy and rich."

Orr went on to say, "if you had an eight grade education, you'll get 30 years of a good job and a pension and great health care, but you don't have to worry about what's going to come."

 A spokesman for Orr, Bill Nowling, says Orr was talking about the Detroit "body politic." 

Nowling said he would be issuing a detailed statement sometime Monday and neither he nor Orr would discuss this on camera. 

But Political Consultant Adolph Mongo says Orr should be fired by Governor Rick Snyder who gave him the job as Emergency Manager. Calls to the Governor's Press Office have not been returned.

Over the noon hour, more than a dozen retirees went to city hall demanding an apology from Orr. They called his comments, "Ignorant", "slanderous" and retirees are "scapegoats." 

They went to the 11th floor to try to see Orr and were turned away by security. Another retiree called him a "coward".

Detroit's two employee pension systems could take big financial hits with the city in bankruptcy court. The two pensions are underfunded by $3.5 billion dollars. 

Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ordered a committee of retirees be established to negotiate cuts with the city. At the same time, the issue of whether those pensions are protected against cuts by the Michigan Constitution is still to be determined in bankruptcy court. 

Detroit became the largest municipality to file for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy last month and is being watched nationally as a test case.

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