Detroit homeowner posts sign warning squatters to stay away or they could be shot

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A vacant house on Detroit's west side has people stopping to snap pictures.

In a neighborhood with its share of blight and long ago forgotten homes the gem of a house sits.

It's on west Davison, across the street from a church.

The tidy bungalow is attracting a lot of attention these days.

"We were in our way to church and look, oh my goodness, did they really put that on there?" asks one woman.

Covering all of the windows and all of the doors is a warning, in bright red spray paint that's impossible to miss. 

It reads: "Believe me you will get shot trying to squat here! I'm watching and waiting"

"It does send a pretty clear message," says Imani Stinson.

Stinson owns several houses in the neighborhood and knows how frustrating it can be to deal with squatters. But she thinks the threatening signs are extreme.

"Being a homeowner and people breaking up in and stealing equipment and vandalizing it, that is a problem, but we still can't send a message we will hurt someone because of squatters," says Stinson.

The threat is clearly posted for all to see and it's a threat that may just keep those unwanted guest moving along.

We didn't have any luck tracking the homeowner down. If he or she is watching, they are not taking to us.

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