Detroit Mayor Dave Bing tweets he will be a 'teammate' to an emergency manager

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Mayor Dave Bing is once again pledging to work with an Emergency Financial Manager, if one is appointed to run the city of Detroit's finances.

In a tweet posted to his official account this morning, Bing said:

An emergency manager can't come in here and run this city without the help and support of teammates, I'll be a teammate. My executive staff will be a teammate. What we need to figure out is not fighting the person but how do we get along to make wins for the citizens in the city of Detroit

Members of Detroit City Council are challenging Governor Rick Snyder's finding that a financial emergency exists in the city of Detroit and an Emergency Financial Manager is needed in the city.

They say an EFM is not needed and city leaders will be able to do the job under an enhanced consent agreement that contains concrete deadlines.

The appeal is scheduled to be heard Tuesday in Lansing.

However, both Snyder and State Treasurer Andy Dillon, who was a member of the board that determined a financial emergency exists in Detroit, have said that the doubt City Council will be able succeed in their appeal.

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