Detroit mother gives birth in upstairs bathroom when baby can't wait

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A new mother in Detroit took matters into her own hands when it was clear her baby couldn't wait.

Jasmine Simpson and her new baby Jalen are happy and healthy after an unexpected delivery.

Jalen was born yesterday - in an upstairs bathroom!

Jasmine called a friend to take her to the hospital, but Jalen couldn't wait.

“As soon as I gave her my address the baby head was, she was like ‘Do you feel the head?’ and as soon as I checked the head he was there,” Jasmine says.

So Jasmine called 911. Paramedics Bob Carelton and Jeff Gaglio responded.

“The callers could feel the head presenting of the baby and then the next update was the baby had been delivered already while we were still in route,” says Carleton.

Jasmine's friend arrived and literally caught Jalen just in time. From first contraction to final push: 45 minutes.

“The baby was only out for maybe less than a minute before we walked in the front door, so it was good,” Gaglin says. “A good situation all around.”

The paramedics say giving birth at home is fairly routine in Detroit.

Jasmine too is familiar. Four-year-old Jada was also born at home. 

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