Detroit police have released results of a new study on how weather affects homicides in the city

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit police say the major decline in homicides in the city last month is not due to the bitterly cold weather, but instead because of the hardworking police officers in the department.

The department wanted to find out whether last month's sub-zero temperatures played a role in the drop in homicides in January 2014.

They conducted a study to compare the number of homicides in January over the past 13 years to the average low temperature and snowfall total.

There were 14 homicides reported last month, the lowest January total in the past 13 years. It was also one of the coldest and snowiest months. The average low temperature was 8.4 degrees and the snowfall total was 39.1 inches.

It may be easy to attribute the drop in homicides to the weather, but Detroit police say not so fast.

It was also bone-chilling cold in January 2009, with an average low temperature of 9.5 degrees, but the number of homicides skyrocketed that year to 34. The snowfall total for that January was 25.2 inches.

The study also found no correlation between snowfall totals and homicides.

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