Detroit Police officer who was shot 3 years ago and knows officer shot Tuesday night talks to 7

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - Detroit Police officer Joe D'Angelo was shot in the line of duty nearly three years ago. He also knows the officer who was shot in the head Tuesday night on the city's west side.

D'Angelo says being shot changes you and he thinks about it every day. He was one of five officers shot on Detroit's east side while responding to gunfire in a Duplex on May 3 of 2010.  During that shooting, a much loved officer Brian Huff was killed.

D'Angelo says the officer shot in the head Tuesday night is a lot like Brian Huff, a great man who would give you the shirt off of his back.

D'Angelo says after the shooting he had survivors guilt, "all the emotions, anger and sadness, but what helped me get through it was my family,"

His family means everything to him. D'Angelo and his 10-year-old daughter Hailey do almost everything together.

With tears in her eyes, she says: "I worry he won't come home."

Hailey says she thinks the children of the officers shot Tuesday night will probably be feeling the same kind of worry.

"You just never know, that's the bad thing, nothing is routine," said D'Angelo. 

He says he is hoping to visit the officer who is still in critical condition or his family at the hospital.

D'Angelo's wife Sherri says when something like this happens, it changes you, it makes you appreciate things so much more. 

She and Joe say their hearts go out to the families of the officers shot Tuesday night.

"They have a long road ahead," said Sherri. 


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