Detroit Police report investigating more than 50 shootings in the past week

Residents call for action

Detroit (WXYZ) - Dwight Parker says the Detroit he grew up in doesn't compare to the Detroit he lives in now.

"I have coined the phrase, ‘I am proud to say I am ashamed of what you have done to my city,'" said Parker.

He is tired of violence. In the last 7 days Detroit Police confirmed that they responded to at least 53 shootings.

Thursday into Friday night, the violence left police with seven shootings to investigate, three deadly.

Parker heard the shots fired when one man was killed and another injured during a shootout in his neighborhood at a home near Crane and Kercheval.  Police say there was a fight at a party there that led to the violence. 

"At first I thought it was fireworks, then I realized it was gunshots," said Parker

At this home on Stahelin where a family with children lives, a middle aged man visiting was shot killed in the basement early Friday morning.

Police are not releasing details as to what happened.  

A third fatal shooting happened in the 14,000 block of Wyoming and has Detroiters like Parker saying that if the city can't control the violence the state or the feds need to step in.

‘Whoever calls for martial law needs to do something.  This is a domestic terrorism situation. We are living in fear," said Parker.

Detroit Police admit they are seeing an increase in shootings.

 Investigators say the homicide rate doesn't even tell the true story of how things are getting worse. After all medical science keeps improving saving shooting victims who just years ago wouldn't have had a chance.

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