Detroit Police say mom & child were abducted by estranged father on way to school

Detroit (WXYZ) - You hear about a mother's instinct to protect her kids.  Today, a Detroit mom proved she has it.

She was leaving her house on Neff in Detroit, trying to take 4-year-old Spryng to school for her first day of kindergarten.    Detroit Police say the little girl's estranged father knew that was what they'd be doing.  As they tried to get in a van, he came running out of some bushes with a knife.

Detroit Police say the 57-year-old man then assaulted his ex, grabbed her keys, and got in her mini-van. As he started to speed off with the doors open, and his 4-year-old unbuckled, mom dove in the back of the van.  She closed the door, and buckled her daughter in.

"I have no idea how I ended up in the back seat," said Jeanette, who didn't want to share her last name. "I just wanted to make sure my baby was buckled in."

The mom tried to convince her ex to let them out, but he refused.  Family members who witnessed it called police, who started tracking the man.

After hours of driving around the city, police and the man's mom convinced him to drop the little girl off at his mom's house.  He refused to let his ex out of the van.

Once the little girl was safe, Detroit Police moved in.  They pulled him over, and arrested him near Glendale and Ellen on the city's west side.

Detroit police say it is possible he will face charges for felonious assault, child endangerment, carjacking, and abduction.   He is in jail awaiting arraignment.

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