VIDEO: Neighbors come to the rescue of 16-year-old girl during attempted abduction in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit police are investigating the attempted abduction of a teenage girl in broad daylight.

Investigators tell 7 Action News that the 16-year-old was walking to East English High School around 9 o'clock Thursday morning - in the area of Oldtown and Chandler Park.

A surveillance camera outside of a neighbor's helps tell a chilling tale of what happened.

"I can't imagine my children going through anything like that," said the neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous.

What the neighbor saw on the video near the top right corner of the screen, a green 1997 Chevy van, is what frightened her.

"That actually made my heart race," she said.

That's because that is the predator in the van.  He pulled into the driveway of the vacant house about seven minutes before the teen and waited for her to walk by the home.

"I know she's going to think about that for the rest of her life," said the neighbor.

You can see two figures struggle near the top of the screen, one is the girl trying to fight off the bad guy.  Seconds later a white van, with some sort of worker, said the neighbor, pulled onto the street and noticed the struggle.

"From what my neighbor said is, the guy stopped and the worker stopped because he seen the guy with his pants down chasing or pulling a girl towards him and towards his van," she said.

Soon the girl's screams got more neighbors to come out of their homes to help.

"Their first instinct was to run outside and help her," said the neighbor.

Neighbors came out to help and scare him off not even knowing if the predator had a weapon.  Neighbors then protected the teen, and called police.

The girl was not hurt. The suspect is still out there.  Police sources tell us he wore a ski mask.  If you know anything please call Detroit Police.

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