Detroit's Christopher Columbus statue vandalized with bloody hatchet through head on Columbus Day

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Someone in Detroit chose Columbus Day to send a message. The city's statue of Christopher Columbus was vandalized with a hatchet to its head.

Red paint streamed down the front of the Columbus bust, like blood from a head wound left by the ax.

The statue of the explorer sits downtown, at Jefferson and Randolph. An inscription on the front says it was a gift to the city, donated by, "The Italians of Detroit," on this very date in 1910.

While Columbus Day is a federal holiday, several U.S. cities will instead observe Indigenous Peoples Day today. The AP says that will be the case in at least nine cities for the first time this year, including Albuquerque; Portland, Ore.; St. Paul, Minn.; and Olympia, Wash.


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