Detroit's Marche du Nain Rouge celebration aims to kick the legendary evil spirit out of town

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Can all of Detroit's problems be blamed on one evil spirit? That's the idea behind the legend of the Nain Rouge. Sunday, Detroiters will parade through the streets to banish the troublesome "red dwarf."

Organizers of the now-annual event say it's a tradition that dates back 300 years.

This will be the fourth year that revelers gather in the city's midtown neighborhood, just south of Wayne State University, to celebrate Detroit and ceremonially banish the Nain Rouge.

The Marche du Nain Rouge takes place Sunday, March 24, from 1 to 3:00 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

Festivities begin in the parking lot across from the Traffic Jam & Snug restaurant, located on Canfield, between Second Avenue and Cass Avenue.

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The family friendly event celebrates positivity in Detroit. For the past several years, thousands have attended – many in costume. A procession chases the Nain Rouge down Cass Avenue to a ceremony at Cass Park.

The idea is to chase the Nain Rouge – and everything negative that surrounds the evil spirit – out of Detroit.

If you go, you can expect a fun afternoon filled with a lively street parade, colorful costumes, equally colorful characters and a bit of music.

Organizers always find a humorous way to poke fun at Detroit's current events. Last year, the Nain Rouge spoke to a large audience under a giant banner that read, "Nain for Emergency Manager."

This year, a new 5K run precedes the main event. To learn more and register, visit:

As part of the celebration, a number of local businesses are offering weekend discounts and specials. You can learn more about those here:


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