DOCUMENTS: Belle Isle lease turns control of Detroit's island park over to state of Michigan

DETROIT (WXYZ) - After months of discussion, and at least one false start, representatives for the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit have signed a lease deal for Belle Isle.

The deal will turn the island into a state park, while keeping it under the ownership of the city. It was signed by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and will last 30 years. There are also provisions for two, 15-year extensions.

The lease stipulates that the island will be under the state's Recreation Passport system that allows access to all of Michigan's state parks, but that it will be waived until January 1, 2014.

The document includes both a lease as well as two memorandums of understanding. One of the memorandums establishes that the roads and bridges will be under the control of MDOT. The other outlines that the city will maintain control of the greenhouses on Belle Isle.


Lease of Belle Isle Park


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