Elderly Detroit woman pleads for return of her stolen dog

DETROIT (WXYZ) - An elderly Detroit woman is recovering after being attacked and robbed. But the thief took something more precious to her than money.

The senior citizen went everywhere with her two Shih-Tzus. They were about to get in the car - to go to the store, when a man attacked.

It all happened so fast. One guy in his 20s was waiting in the driveway, while another guy was waiting nearby in a car.

Once the suspect had the dog in his hands, they were gone, heading towards the Lodge Freeway.

We are only using the victim's first name in our reporting.

Eighty-two-year-old Audrey is nursing a bruised hand and broken heart. The senior citizen was attacked Thursday as she left her home on Detroit's west side. Her attacker was after her dogs.

"He caught Sugar Daddy, and he tried to get Baby Doll," Audrey says. "He couldn't get Baby Doll, she fought back. He took Sugar Daddy and left."

You can see by the pictures, the little dogs are more than pets - they are members of this family.

Since the incident, even Baby Doll has lost her spunk,

Audrey's daughter Catherine knows how much Sugar Daddy means to her mom. She's posted flyers and is offering a reward - anything to bring the dog back home and to make her mom's ailing heart smile once again.

Meanwhile, Audrey is pleading for her dog's safe return.

"Please bring Sugar Daddy back to me. You don't know what he means to me," she says.

Sometimes these types of dogs are stolen to sell them or breed them. Sugar Daddy is 7 years old.

There is a school nearby, and Catherine says part of the incident was caught on the security camera.

They're hoping they will be able to get a plate number off the car from the footage.

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