Former Detroit Police Headquarters forced to close after 7 Action News exposes building dangers

Detroit (WXYZ) - When sources called 7 Action News concerned about the safety of workers in the old Detroit Police Headquarters, we went to see the conditions ourselves. 

We didn't have to go far to see the problem.  The elevators in the lobby were out of service, water was coming down the shaft. Water was pouring through the ceiling, through light fixtures being used by police.  The ceiling had crashed down in places.  Toilets weren't working. 

Sources tell 7 Action News the building started breaking down severely on Friday. The heating system didn't keep the building warm enough.   Pipes started freezing and bursting. Crews worked on them, but the problems persisted.  Six days later seven floors were soaked.  The building smelled like mold. 

7 Action News went to police administrators for answers.  They said to their knowledge the building was safe.  Workers would be moved out in 2 months as planned.

We kept asking questions, contacting fire marshals, the building department, the emergency manager's office, and the mayor's office. 

Hours later, we learned a building inspector went in the building and agreed, it was hazardous. 

Police Chief James Craig went out to the building and agreed.  The building has now been permanently closed. Workers are being reassigned.  

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