Trial continues in Aiyana Jones case

DETROIT (WXYZ) - DPD Officer Joseph Weekley is charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of 7 year-old Aiyana Jones. It happened when a raid on her family's home took a turn for the worse three years ago.

Thursday's testimony began with LaKrystal Sanders. She is Aiyana's aunt and the girlfriend of Chauncey Owens, the murder suspect that police were searching for during the raid.

Sanders testified that she "heard a boom and then a pop" back on May 16th, 2010 while she was upstairs with Owens.

Aiyana was killed while she was asleep on the couch with her grandmother.

Officer Weekley is charged with involuntary manslaughter and careless discharge of his weapon.

Prosecutors say he didn't follow his training.

Sanders said today "I just heard mom screaming. She said they killed Aiyana. She kept screaming they killed Aiyana. They killed Aiyana."

Jurors also heard from Marqwell Robinson, a cousin of Aiyana.

He was also in the house the night of the raid.

"First, I heard the window break ... then an explosion. The door forced open. I heard, police, police. Then a gunshot. It was all like at the same time," said Robinson.

"I heard my auntie saying they shot my baby. They shot my baby."

Jurors also heard from Sgt. Tim Dollinger who was on the Special Response Team at the time of the raid.

He testified that after Aiyana was shot, he later saw Officer Weekley in their armored car, but never asked him what happened.

"I opened up the passenger side door. That's when I saw Officer Weekley's weapon was there and then I could see Officer Weekley in the back and that's .. I believed at that particular time that he was involved," said Sgt. Dollinger.

Wednesday, a sergeant in the Detroit Special Response Team took the stand to testify about what happened the night of the raid.

Police went to the home in search of a murder suspect along with a camera crew from the reality show "The First 48."

Sergeant Anthony Potts said he heard the flashbang followed soon after by a pop from a sub-machine gun. Sergeant Potts added that the special response team is like a family so taking the stand was like testifying against his family.

Weekley's defense team did not deny he pulled the trigger, but claims it was Aiyana's grandmother who caused it to happen when she somehow hit the gun.

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