HEY GIRL: Ryan Gosling's been spotted in Detroit and Grosse Pointe - Have you seen him around town?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It's true: Ryan Gosling was in metro Detroit this weekend. There are photos on Facebook, tweets and a Reddit post that all show you missed your weekend opportunity for a run-in with Ryan. But, don't worry, it sounds like Gosling will be around town in the months to come.

In January, we reported that filming around metro Detroit would soon take place for ‘How to Catch a Monster,' a movie that Gosling will direct.

Over the weekend, Gosling was spotted in both Detroit and Grosse Pointe.

Cafe d'Mongo's Speakeasy, on Griswold in downtown Detroit, posted a Facebook photo of Gosling with restaurateur (and local character) Larry Mongo. The Friday night hipster hotspot wrote, "Look who came in for Larry's Birthday! What a Gift!"

On Reddit, a user who goes by the handle Cruztacean posted a similar photo from d'Mongo's.

On Sunday, Twitter users spotted Gosling at a Grosse Pointe Starbucks coffee shop.

"So it turns out that I actually saw Ryan Gosling in Starbucks but just thought it was a look alike," wrote Jennifer Vermet (@jen_vermet on Twitter).

Then,  Chloe Rogers (@chloerogga on Twitter) posted a photo of Gosling just before 3 p.m. Sunday, right about the time others were spotting him at the Starbucks.

The frenzy over Gosling sightings actually spawned a Detroit-themed "Hey girl" meme page.

As production on Gosling's film ramps up, there are sure to be many more sightings.

One possible way to see the star is to work your way into the movie. We've seen posts calling for last minute extras and you'll definitely want to check out the film's casting website: howtocatchamonstercasting.com

Of course, you never know where you'll run into Ryan Gosling. Last August, a 7 Action News photojournalist saw the star (and an impressive camera crew) at the scene of an early morning abandoned house fire.

If you see Ryan Gosling, email a photo to wxyzdesk@wxyz.com or let us know on Twitter @wxyzdetroit.

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