Holiday travelers find themselves stranded at Detroit Metro Airport due to storm

ROMULUS, Mich., (WXYZ) - People are just hoping they will be able to get home in time for Christmas.

It is one of the busiest travel days of the year, and flights scheduled to go to everywhere from Northern Michigan, to Iowa, to New Jersey are being canceled.

Travelers are finding themselves stranded by the snow storm that has been hitting the Midwest at airports like Detroit Metro.

"I slept in the baggage area," said Cory Brekke. "Didn't really get no sleep. It has been a long night."

He and several others took off from Pennsylvania yesterday.  They had a connection at Detroit Metro and were supposed to continue on to Iowa.  That flight was canceled.

"I am hoping we can get another flight home, but right now they are booked," said Kaleb Roth.

Other families are appreciated homecomings all the more due to the storm.

"I can't wait," said Michelle Lockwood. " I'm very excited. Tears of joy."

She looked with anxiety at the arrival schedule this morning.  She was relieved to learn her son Private First Class Brandon Lockwood, who has been in training for months, would arrive home as scheduled.

"To have him home for Christmas is wonderful," she said.

More cancelations are expected on Friday.  If you plan to travel, check on your flight before heading to the airport.

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