Humane Society says dogs trapped on roof removed from home before cruelty investigators arrive

DETROIT (WXYZ) - More questions are now surrounding an abandoned home where dogs could be seen stranded on the roof on Friday.

The Michigan Humane Society says that when their rescue team arrived at the home, the dogs had already been removed.

On Friday, a 7 Action News crew spotted the two dogs on the roof of the home. A closer looks reveals the dogs are getting on top of the house through a hole in the roof.

According to neighbors, squatters left the dogs behind over a week ago. The dogs appeared to be underweight as they stood on the rooftop of the abandoned two-story house on Somerset near Yorkshire on Detroit's east side.

Cruelty investigators for the Michigan Humane Society could not legally enter the house at that point because the doors were closed and they could not see any dogs that were dead or in imminent danger.

The cruelty investigators left a bright orange-colored notice on the front door that advised the owners of the dogs to contact them immediately.

Later, about an hour before 7 Action News reporter Kimberly Craig and her photographer, Chris Jones, were set to report live from the home, several people, identified as the squatters who left the dogs, returned to the house, ripped the MHS notice off of the door and hurled expletives as they sped off in a light green colored van.

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